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Academy of Homeopathy Education, AHE NYC | WORLD is a values-driven organization committed to providing exceptional outcomes in homeopathy education. Our program is founded on classical principles, applied in the reality of contemporary practice and delivered via leading edge technology and academic theory – all in a supportive and collaborative realm of discovery that engages heart, mind and soul.



main_homeopathyHomeopathy is a complete and holistic system of health care that considers the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the individual. It treats the whole person by restoring health and vitality.

Integrative health is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and homeopathy is used worldwide by over 500 million people. According to the World Health Organization, Homeopathy is the second most widely used medicine in the medicine in the world. More!


AHE NYC | World offers the highest quality on-site and e-learning options, as well as maximum flexibility to achieve your goals. We are pleased to offer the only two-year, full-time course in the US. We also offer part-time options, days, weekends and evenings, in classroom and clinical training. We employ the latest blended learning theory to engage students in meaningful, applicable and stimulating process honoring the ancient healing principles in a modern education format. Our program satisfies all the requirements needed for the national certification exam with an emphasis on evidence-informed practices that are absolutely necessary in today’s changing world of wellness. More!


2840632113_d56b9fb20f_oThe core point of difference at AHE NYC | World is its clinical focus. This is best seen in our clinical program which considers the development of the practitioner – as well as the development of a successful practice – alongside the practical application of homeopathy theory and philosophy. Our clinical training also includes a mentorship model designed to move students directly into practice upon graduation. You will develop clinical confidence with excellent client outcomes. AHE offers more clinical training hours and opportunities than any other program in US. More!


By far, the best thing about AHE NYC | World is that we are absolutely passionate about homeopathy. Our students feel that and are motivated by it. Our faculty is passionate about blending evidence-informed medicine with the magic and wonder of the natural world and human experience. We do this by delivering an academically rigorous curriculum with the latest in theory and technology – in a supportive and collaborative realm of discovery that engages heart, mind and soul. More!


When you join AHE, you connect to our global healing community. Our faculty, students and clients hail from around the country – and around the globe remaining us every day of how small the world has become in the 21st century. When you study homeopathy with AHE, you learn to connect the ancient healing arts to the scientifically sound and evidence-informed practices that are required for the rigors of our times. Connect to a motivated, inspired and enlightened learning community as you connect to the natural world… and reconnect to yourself. Connect with us at AHE NYC | World.



It is an exciting time in the evolution of the American healthcare system. Integrative Healthcare practitioners are included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This means that homeopaths who are nationally certified are recognized as part of the healthcare workforce. In some states consumers will receive insurance reimbursement for homeopathy! Critical to furthering the American homeopathy agenda, however, is for all homeopaths to achieve national certification through the CHC and that US schools of homeopathy adhere to the standards set forth by our national accrediting body, ACHENA. AHE is in full support of CHC national certification and ACHENA accreditation and is working to raise the bar in homeopathy education. We recognize the importance of meeting community-accepted standards for educating professional homeopaths and are committed to excellence in programming and peer review as a means to evaluating our program. Other schools of homeopathy have set up their own “validation” and “diploma granting”. Please be advised the CHC has announced, that as of January, 2018, only students who have graduated from an ACHENA-accredited school will be eligible to sit for the CHC national certification exam. More!

Randy Fruchter "I've experienced significant health issues that conventional doctors were unable to heal. Now, my goal is helping others to heal ––physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learning classical homeopathy at AHE is the best way for me achieve this.

Training in classical homeopathy at AHE is rewarding, challenging, and absolutely fascinating. AHE is leading the way in homeopathic education in the United States, and the best route for learning how to truly heal others. "

Randy Fruchter
AHE NYC | World Student, Class of 2017 Full-time Program Worked as an urban planner for 10 years before making a life change to study homeopathy.

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Clinical Training

Where knowledge meets application: Clinical Training at AHE is our major point of difference.  Through real practice experience, our integrated clinical model builds confidence and competence on the way to building a busy practice.